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Questions & Answers

Q. Why would I hire a company to scoop my dog's poop?
A. You and your family hate to do it.  Also, busy lifestyles just don't allow the time to keep up with the dogs weekly waste. 


Q. Do we need to sign a contract to get service?

A.  No, but we have a service agreement to  simply give permission for ABQ Poop patrol to be on your property to pick up dog waste also to explain our policies and procedures. 


Q. Can the dogs be outside while the service is being done?

A. Friendly dogs we can handle but if your pets are a little more protective we can ask that you have them secured on the when we come to pick up the pet waste. We encourage a meeting with the owners and their pets but it's not necessary.   


Q. What do you do with pet waste after it's picked up?

A. We double bag it and place it in your trash can. We try to schedule the service a day or two before your trash pick up.


Q. Do I need to be home?

A. No, as long as we can access the property you do not need to be home. 


Q. Do you sanitize your tools after each cleaning?

A. Yes, we sanitize the tools and shoes after each visit.


Q. Can I get a  discount?

A. Oh yeah, we have discounts for referrals,  Military Veterans (Thank you for your service), Teachers, seniors and all service dogs. 


Q. What service do most customers choose?

A. The most common service is the weekly service. If you have just one dog bi-weekly service works out fine.  


Q. How do I get get the service started up?

A. It's easy just call text or email us and we will contact you so we can set it up the service for you. 

Q. Can you solve a  dog urine odor problem?

A. Yes, we can deodorize with a natural product safe for pets, people and plants.

Q. Are you insured and bonded?

A. Yes, we are licensed, bonded and insured.

Q. What if its raining, snowing or very windy  is  the service still done that day?

A. During  bad weather service will be delayed a day  or longer depending on conditions.  Sometimes it may  be just  serviced the following week . 








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